State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB) Kerala

List of Schemes

In-situ conservation of endangered medicinal plants

In-situ conservation of endangered medicinal plants in their natural habitats by establishment of Medicinal Plants Conservation and Development Area’s.

Eligibilty: State Forest/Wildlife Department/Forest Development Corporation/Federations/ National and State level Research Organization / Universities. Non-Government / Voluntary Organizations with expertise in the field (subject to the recommendation of concerned forest department).

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In-situ Resource Augmentation

Assisted natural regeneration or artificial re-generation of local populations of medicinal and aromatic plant species for conservation of genetic diversity of medicinal plants, thereby complementing the other biodiversity preservation and climate change mitigation interventions being implemented by the country as part of its international obligations.

Eligibilty: State Forest / Wild Life Departments/Forest Development Corporation. Public Sector Corporations / Federations having the mandate to carry out such activities, Voluntary agencies / Non-Government Organisations with experience in the field (only for technical support and capacity building ). National and State level Research Organisation/Universities with the agreement of Forest Department.

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Ex-situ conservation

To channelize production and promote sustainable supply through capacity building of JFMC’s / Van Panchayat / Panchayat / SHG’s/ BMC’s. To provide the livelihood augmentation to forest dwellers. Promote sustainable supply of medicinal plants through JFMC’s/ Van Panchayats / Panchayats / SHG’s/BMC’s which encouraging sustainable harvest, adaptation of good collection practices.

Eligibilty: Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMC’s)Panchayats/Van Panchayats/SHGs/BMCs are also supported for setting of local cluster for value addition, drying, warehousing and augmenting marketing infrastructure, etc.

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Research and Development

Project based financial assistance to various research organization/ institutions for Research & Development on various aspects of medicinal plants.

Eligibilty: Institutions under CSIR, ICAR, ICFRE, ICMR, DBT, DST, Councils of Department of AYUSH etc., Universities recognised by the UGC, Industry both in public as well as private sector with R&D facilities, Non-government/Voluntary Organisations, with demonstrated expertise and infrastructure, Government funded institutes/colleges with demonstrable track record infrastructure and expertise, Individual Research Fellow M.Phil/ Ph.D/ Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) programme Scholars for M.Phil/ Ph.D/ Post-Doctoral Fellowship programme on subjects related to medicinal plants through various Educational/ Research Institutions in the country.

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Herbal Gardens

Encouraging herbal gardens for Home, School, Institutional/ Public, State and National Importance.

Eligibilty: Government Organizations, Universities, Research Institutes, Government Aided Colleges and Schools. Non-government Organizations (NGOs), Public Sector Undertakings, Federations, Co-operatives, and Societies including Housing Societies etc

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Quality Planting Material

The financial assistance to developed Nurseries and Quality Planting Material / Germ Plasm Banks as per operational guidelines of NMPB mentioned in Central Sector Scheme of NMPB. It includes QPM / Germ plasm projects (based on R & D), QPM / Germ plasm Projects (based on Conservation), Nursery Projects

Eligibilty: --

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Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Activities

For disseminating the traditional knowledge among the masses related to Medicinal Plants with the objective of spreading awareness about Medicinal Plants. It includes Awareness Building, Exposure Visits, Education and Capacity Building of Stakeholders through Information Education and Communication (IEC) strategy.

Eligibilty: NMPB, SMPB, Industry, R&D Institutions/ Universities, Government Organizations including Govt. aided Institutions, Non-government Organizations/ Voluntary organizations etc.

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Bilateral/International cooperation and collaboration with International Agencies

MOUs for bilateral Collaboration in the field of medicinal plants has already been developed for NMPB which could be appropriately fine-tuned for country specific needs for collaboration requirements.

Eligibilty: Industry and reputed agencies having experience in international regulation on medicinal plants

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