State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB) Kerala

Anogeissus latifolia (Roxb. ex DC.) Wall. ex Guillem. & Perr.

  • Family: Combretaceae
  • Vernacular names: Kalkanjiram, Mazhukanjiram, Vekkali, കൽക്കഞ്ഞിരം, മഴുക്കാഞ്ഞിരം, വെക്കാലി (Malayalam), Axle wood, Indian Gum Tree (English), Dhavah (Sanskrit), Bakla (Hindi), Vekkaali, Vellaynagai (Tamil)
  • Distribution: India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  • Description: Medium trees, surface grey or yellowish-grey, smooth; blaze pinkish-brown; Leaves simple, opposite to alternate, glabrous. Flowers bisexual, pale green or yellow, in axillary aggregated globose heads. Fruit a drupe, greenish-yellow; seed one, obovate.
  • Habit: Tree
  • Habitat: Moist deciduous forests
  • Flowering & Fruiting: April-December

  • Parts used: Root, bark and gum
  • Properties & Uses: The bark is used to treat anemia, piles, leprosy and chronic diarrhea. Paste form of the bark is used for the treatment of swelling. The decoction of the bark is used to treat skin diseases. The gum is used as an emulsifier, stabilizer and thickener in calico printing, ceramics, food and pharmaceuticals.
  • Systems of Medicines: Ayurveda, Folk, Unani,
  • Traditional Uses:The pounded bark mixed with water taken internally to cure diarrhea.
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