State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB) Kerala

Alpinia calcarata (Haw.) Roscoe

  • Family: Zingiberaceae
  • Vernacular names: Chittaratha, Kolinchi, ചിറ്റരത്ത, കോലിഞ്ചി (Malayalam), Snap Ginger (English), Kulanjana (Sanskrit),
  • Distribution: Indo-Malesia
  • Description: Rhizomatous herbs. Leaves sessile, lamina glabrous, linear-lanceolate. Inflorescence terminal, densely paniculate, lower cincinni 4-flowered, upper 2-flowered. Flowers white streaked with red and yellow. Fruit globose; seeds many.
  • Habit: Herb
  • Habitat: Widely cultivated, sometimes runs wild
  • Flowering & Fruiting: May-December

  • Parts used: Rhizomes
  • Properties & Uses: Rhizome is stomachic, stimulant, aphrodisiac, diuretic, expectorant and carminative. It is used for the treatment of headache, bronchitis, lumbago, rheumatic pains, sore throat, stuttering, pain in the chest, diabetes, burning of the liver and tubercular glands.
  • Systems of Medicines: Ayurveda,
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