State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB) Kerala

Acmella ciliata (Kunth) Cass.

  • Synonyms: Spilanthes ciliata Kunth
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Vernacular names: Kuppamaniyan, Pallu-vedana-chedi, കുപ്പമണിയൻ, പല്ലുവേദനച്ചെടി (Malayalam), Fringed Pod Toothache Plant (English),
  • Distribution: Neotropics of the world; now naturalised in Western Peninsular India
  • Description: Diffuse herbs. Leaves, ovate, margins serrate, apex acute. Head rayed, axillary, usually solitary, rarely 2-3 in each axil. Flower yellow. Achenes oblong, truncate at apex, laterally compressed, black, ciliate along the margins.
  • Habit: Herb
  • Habitat: Wet or marshy areas
  • Flowering & Fruiting: August-December

  • Parts used: Whole plant
  • Properties & Uses: Traditionally used in the treatment of gum troubles, scurvy, scabies and rheumatism. It is widely used to treat liver ailments. The ethanolic extract of the whole plant showed significant hepatoprotective effect against paracetamol overdose-induced liver damage in rats.
  • Systems of Medicines: Folk,
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