State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB) Kerala

Acanthospermum hispidum DC.

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Vernacular names: Musumusu, Kattunjerinjil, മുസുമുസു (Malayalam),
  • Distribution: Pantropical
  • Description: Erect, densely hispid herbs. Leaves ovate, apex acute, entire. Flower yellow in heads, axillary, sessile. Achenes 5 x 3 mm, obovate, with two diverging long spines at apex; pappus absent.
  • Habit: Herb
  • Habitat: A weed of fallow lands, also in degraded forest areas
  • Flowering & Fruiting: January-June

  • Parts used: Leaves, bark, stem
  • Properties & Uses: Anti-pyretic and anti-microbial. Leaves juice and bark decoction are used for the treatment of jaundice, malaria, vomiting, head-ache, abdominal pain, stomachache, constipation, eruptive fever, snake bite, epilepsy and microbial infection.
  • Systems of Medicines: Folk,
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